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Trevor Saunders

Trevor Saunders

Spring Window Cleaning

With Spring approaching there is no better time for window cleaning. Whether you have used us in the past or are in the market for a new window cleaning service, do not let the fear of rain showers prevent you from contacting us. In most places rain water...

San Diego’s Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning Specialists!

Inside look at some of the ClarionClean Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning Specialists in action!  In this video you will see some demonstrations of some of the services we provide.  More videos to come!

Window Cleaning San Diego

We are San Diego’s commercial window cleaning specialists

Pressure Washing San Diego – Clarion Clean

How to be Safe Around a Pressure Washer Pressure washing can remove any type of dirt easily, but it can also cause serious harm to property and people if not handled properly. A pressure washer is not a thing to be played with and it should be kept out...

Pressure Washing in the Winter – San Diego

Customers often ask if winter is a good time to have exterior cleaning services like pressure washing done to their property. Here in San Diego, rain is very minimal and we do not have harsh weather conditions. Pressure washing can effectively be done...
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