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Power Washing Helps Remove Paint Easily From Concrete

Power Washing Solutions:

Removing paint from concrete can be a tedious and difficult task.  Don’t rely on time consuming, ineffective methods to get the job done. The use of professional power washing equipment helps get the job done with the best results in an efficient manner.  As you can see in the video we are removing green paint from this concrete using a hot-pressure pressure washing unit and a turbo nozzle.  The turbo nozzle spins at a high speed to assist with removing stubborn stains and substances.   Check out the video below to see this practice in action.

Once the paint is removed from the concrete, a specialty water reclaim system is used to collect the water and paint debris to ensure it does not enter the storm drain system. Don’t waste your time on money on products or services that don’t do the job!  When it comes to restoring or cleaning up your property, trust the pros at ClarionClean.

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