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How to be Safe Around a Pressure Washer

Pressure washing can remove any type of dirt easily, but it can also cause serious harm to property and

people if not handled properly. A pressure washer is not a thing to be played with and it should be kept

out of reach of children and those who don’t know how to use it, at all times. Pressure washing and

power washing are one and the same thing. Here are some tips that can keep you out of harm’s way

when you are around a pressure washer.

Never use a pressure washer without goggles

The water that comes out of a pressure washer has a PSI of between 750 to 5,000 while tap water

has a PSI of 60. So the PSI of a pressure washer is at least 12 times as powerful as a tap. The pressure

washer may dislodge some objects and these may fall into your eyes if you are not careful.

Wear gloves when you work with a pressure washer

Always wear gloves when you work with a pressure washer. If you are not careful, your hand may get

in the way of the water jet, causing injuries. Never try to clean any part of your body with the pressure

washer because the jet can easily break through the skin. This applies to animals and other people also.

Always wear hard boots or other leather footwear when using a pressure washer.

Do not work the pressure washer around electrical wires and power lines

The pressure washer can cut through electrical wires and power lines easily. Water and electricity are

a bad combination and if the pressure washer damages electrical wires, it can lead to shocks, short

circuits and electrical fires. The best way to prevent it is to keep the pressure washer away from the

electrical wires. You can wear shoes with rubber soles for extra protection.

Read the instruction manual carefully

Before you start the pressure washer, read the instruction manual carefully. The manual may contain

some tips or precautions that you may not know about.

Be careful when pressure washing an unfamiliar surface

If you are not sure how the water jet will affect a particular surface, don’t use the machine on it until

you know for sure. Otherwise, you may end damaging the finish or the paint.

A pressure washer can be dangerous in the wrong hands, but there are many benefits to it also. The best

option is to leave pressure washing to a professional. If you are looking for one in San Diego, please do

not hesitate to call us.

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