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Pressure Washing in the Winter – San Diego

Customers often ask if winter is a good time to have exterior cleaning services like pressure washing done to their property. Here in San Diego, rain is very minimal and we do not have harsh weather conditions. Pressure washing can effectively be done year round and is not usually affected by the rain. Rain does tend to create more mold and mildew on surfaces like stucco, concrete, and roofs, usually on areas that do not get enough sunlight. If a porous material like stucco or concrete gets wet and cannot adequately dry because of lack of sunlight, it will begin to develop mold/ mildew. This is why mold and mildew is usually only found on one side of a building or house. Pressure washing does a great job of cleaning those surfaces to get them back to looking new again. Contact us for a free pressure washing estimate for your San Diego property!

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