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Concrete Sealer

Protect your concrete with sealer:

Applying commercial grade sealer to concrete, brick and other outdoor flooring surfaces can help protect and keep them clean in the future. Sealer acts as a barrier between the ground and whatever grime it is exposed to. It actually makes floors self cleaning and causes contaminants and spills to bead up and roll off rather than soak in and create stains. We always deep clean concrete and brick surfaces prior to applying sealer. Concrete Sealer will protect your concrete for years and make it look great!

We offer 2 different finishes:

San Diego Pressure Washing

High Gloss – Shiny and gives the surface a wet look
Matte – Offers a more natural look


San Diego Pressure Washing

Concrete Staining:

Stained concrete can bring a new look to the first thing you see when you pull up to your house, your driveway! With many color options available, this is a great way to make your house stand out in the neighborhood or simply a way to make that old slab look new again. The staining permeates the concrete which gives off wonderful colors and tones that vary by the surface it is applied to as well as the application process. Staining is not limited to your driveway however, other concrete located inside your house or around your pool should look just as nice!

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