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Spring Window Cleaning


With Spring approaching there is no better time for window cleaning. Whether you have used us in the past or are in the market for a new window cleaning service, do not let the fear of rain showers prevent you from contacting us. In most places rain water has fewer contaminates than tap water and will not spoil your recently cleaned windows. Rain water can however leave dirty windows looking worse as it spreads dirt and grime that has already built up on the windows. Maintaining your windows and the surrounding areas on a regular basis will prevent this from happening.

As with any of our services, no job is too large and we have all the proper equipment to get the job done correctly and as safely as possible. We can provide a regular reoccurring window cleaning service that will leave your business or property looking brand new year round. Hard water stains and ocean build up may require some extra attention, but it is nothing our team has not encountered before. We have also taken part in numerous construction clean ups. They can be a tremendous task but we come prepared with the necessary tools and man power and will have the site in tiptop shape and ready for business.

Please call us if you have any questions or want to schedule a window cleaning!

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