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Power Washing

Pressure Washing San Diego – Clarion Clean

How to be Safe Around a Pressure Washer Pressure washing can remove any type of dirt easily, but it can also cause serious harm to property and people if not handled properly. A pressure washer is not a thing to be played with and it should be kept out...

Pressure Washing Equipment Explained by Clarion Clean

If you are wondering what kind of pressure washing equipment we use to achieve great cleaning results, this article should answer any questions you may have. At Clarion Clean, we typically use hot water pressure washers with a flow rate of 5-8 gallons...

Power Washing Helps Remove Paint Easily From Concrete

Power Washing Solutions: Removing paint from concrete can be a tedious and difficult task.  Don’t rely on time consuming, ineffective methods to get the job done. The use of professional power washing equipment helps get the job done with the best...
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