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Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning: Who should you hire?

Comparing pressure washing & window cleaning services apples to apples? Who should you hire?

If you are in the market for pressure washing & window cleaning services in the San Diego area, you might be asking yourself which company you should choose. Often times estimates from different companies can be vary greatly when the service they are offering is the same. Be sure to do some research before hiring a company to complete any services at your property. Often times companies will give a price to clean just the exterior windows and will charge a separate price for the interior windows. Even though that company seemed to have a lower price initially, it did not include everything you thought it did. Also, find out what all the service includes before moving forward. If screen cleaning, or track cleaning are an additional charge, you may end up paying more than expected to have your windows cleaned.

Not all companies are created equal, so prices cannot be compared apples to apples. There are many window cleaners, or pressure washers that operate as a one man operation out of their own home. These types of businesses have very little overhead, so they are able to offer lower pricing, but do not have the capability to complete large jobs, or may not have the equipment necessary to get the best results. Insurance is another thing that sets some businesses apart, in the event of an accident, will your window cleaning or pressure washing provider be able to cover the damage costs? You should also look at the level of experience the company has, will they be able to get the job done correctly the first time? Will they be able to meet your expectations, deadlines, and job requirements?

Next time you are looking for a pressure washing & window cleaning service provider, just be sure to do some research on their level of experience, what the service includes, and their insurance coverage.

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