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Window Cleaning

San Diego’s Window Cleaning Specialists!

We specialize in commercial window cleaning and can achieve great results by using the best available equipment and training. Safety is an important part of window cleaning and we follow all necessary safety precautions to ensure a safe working environment on your property.

Different properties require different equipment to reach high windows. For cleaning up to 2 stories, for low rise properties we are able to use ladders and poles to reach windows. Mid rise window cleaning projects typically require a boom lift or aerial work platform to access windows in an efficient manner. High rise window cleaning requires the use of swing stage and scaffold equipment. Highly trained professionals are required to operate all of this equipment and perform the cleaning to get the best results.

San Diego Window Cleaning

Hard Water Stains:

San Diego has a high level of minerals in our water sources. If windows are subjected to hard water on a regular basis, they can develop hard water stains. Hard water stains look like rough white spots on the glass that cannot be removed with normal window cleaning methods. Removing them requires specially concentrated pastes and chemicals and polishing pads. Our process completely removes hard water stains from your windows, bringing the back to like new condition. Common causes of hard water stains are sprinklers and building water runoff. Before removing the stains, it is always recommended to fix the underlying issue that is causing the stains so they do not re-appear. If you have trouble determining what is causing hard water stains on your windows, we will be able to help find the cause.

Construction Cleanup:

Construction cleanup window cleaning projects can be a huge task, and proper training and tools are required to get great results. We specialize in large construction cleanup projects in San Diego County. We work quickly and efficiently to meet your deadlines and keep out of the way of other trades.

San Diego Window Washing

Dual Pane Window Defects:

Dual pane windows are constructed with argon gas between the two panes of glass to assist with thermal insulation. Over time window seals can begin to leak. If oxygen makes its way into the window system, it will react by causing a foggy or colored appearance. Often times moisture will appear in between the window panes. Any moisture or discoloration inside of the dual pane window cannot be cleaned, and the window may not appear clean. The only way to fix the issue is to replace the glass.

Window cleaning should be completed on a regular basis to keep your property looking great year round. Different window cleaning frequencies are required for different properties, depending on the location. We can put together a custom cleaning frequency to keep your san diego property looking its best. Stores, restaurants and high traffic locations usually schedule service for monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly. Commercial buildings and HOAs usually schedule for quarterly, or semi-annual service. If you are not sure how often to have your windows cleaned, let us know and we can recommend the best option.

Keeping our jobsites safe is important, and not overlooked. When dealing with window cleaning projects that require heavy equipment, rope access, and ladders, we take safety precautions serious. Keeping other patrons and pedestrians safe and out of our workspace is important and helps us avoid any kind of accident. In high traffic areas we stay visible by wearing orange safety gear, traffic signs, and cones.

FAQ – Window Cleaning

How high can you clean windows?

There really isn’t any height restriction as to how high we can work.  We utilize the best equipment to reach hard to access areas and take all necessary safety precautions when working at heights.

How do you reach high windows?

There are several different pieces of equipment that are used to reach high areas.  Ladders are used up to three stories, boom lifts can be used up to ten stories, and swing stage equipment can be used on high rise buildings.  We have extensive training and experience and will determine the best method of cleaning windows on your property.

Do you clean the windows inside and out?

We are able to cleaning windows inside and out, or just on the outside.  Service can also be scheduled to clean inside and out on one visit and outside only on the next.

Will there be any streaks or drips on the windows?

With some of the best window cleaning equipment, and experience in san diego, we are able to achieve great results with a streak free shine.  Streaks and drips will not be left behind on your properties windows.

How far out does a job need to be scheduled?

Most projects can be scheduled within 1-2 weeks depending on the time of year.  Large projects are usually scheduled out 1+ months, but we may be able to accommodate given short notice.  Give us a call to find out exactly how soon your project can be scheduled!

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