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Commercial Service Specialists

commercial window cleaning

Commercial Properties

We specialize in servicing commercial customers such as buildings, schools, and industrial.

hoa & apartment complexes window cleaning

HOA’s & Apartment Complexes

Multi unit properties have a unique set of challenges due to all the different owners or tenants living in them. We have extensive experience dealing with multi unit properties to ensure the job goes smooth the first time, and your owners/ tenants are happy.

government window cleaning

Government Projects

With years of experience, we can ensure that we have the capability to meet the requirements of government projects, municipalities, military bases, and other high security locations.


Painting makes a huge difference and can enhance the look of your property.  We offer high quality painting services and have the experience necessary to complete jobs of any size.  New construction, re paints, and epoxy coatings are what we do most often.

San Diego Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

We have extensive training and experience to protect your property and make sure the best possible results are achieved.  Parking garages, oil stain removal, gum removal, and building washing all have different challenges and we have the knowledge necessary to get the job done correctly.  If pressure washing is not done correctly, it can cause permanent damage to concrete, stucco, and other surfaces.  Be sure to do some research and make sure the company that you are hiring has extensive experience, and is knowledgeable about the service that they are providing.  Clarion Clean is highly trained in power washing and we take caution at all times to prevent any kind of damage to your property.

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